Red Flags VS Green Flags at the initial stage of dating someone
15 August 2022, 15:10

Red Flag: This person lies about small things.

Green Flag: This person is honest with you when it comes to their insecurities.

Sarah has started dating Mark who gives her a birthday present in the car.

“When did you buy this necklace?” Sarah is curious.

“A few days ago.” Mark replies.

The next day, Sarah accidentally sees the receipt of the necklace in the car – In fact, Mark purchased the necklace one hour before seeing her on her birthday.

If someone even has the need to lie to you about small things at the initial stage of dating, that’s a huge red flag because that means in the future, this person will lie about big things.

By contrast, if someone is honest with you in terms of their insecurities, that is a major green flag because that means this person really trusts you and has faith in this relationship.

Red Flag: This person borrows money from you.

Green Flag: This person has very good money habits.

If someone borrows money from you at the initial stage of dating, that indiciates something dangerous – this person is probably using you for money.

In contrast, if this person doesn’t have debt and has a healthy money mindset, it’s a green flag because it means this individual can manage personal finances well.

You don’t want money to become the elephant in the room in your relationship.

Red Flag: This person uses your insecurities against you.

Green Flag: This person helps you develop true confidence.

“It’s not easy to find a partner in your 40s.” (This person is actually saying you can’t find anyone else, and if you believe that, this person will manipulate you.)

Wearing this outfit makes you look slimmer.” (Actually, this person is saying you are overweight. If your weight is your insecurity, this person is very likely to control you.)

“You look taller when you walk like that.” (This person is probably saying you are too short. If your height is your insecurity and you can’t talk about that, this person will possibly play mind games with you in this relationship.)

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