Red flags that you shouldn't ignore on the first date
15 August 2022, 15:06
  • Red Flag 1: This person treats the waiter/waitress badly.

If the first date happens in a coffee shop or a restaurant, please notice how this person treats the waiter/waitress.

Is this person friendly and kind? Or is this person rude and obnoxious?

If this person is rude to the waiter/waitress, that is this person’s real attitude in general. Remember that on the first date, this person is on their best behaviour, so it’s not going to get better in the future!

  • Red Flag 2: This person brags about themselves.

When someone needs to brag about themselves on the first date, that means this person doesn’t have core confidence.

“I went to Harvard University and got my PhD there.”

“I am the CEO of XYZ Company, the best company in ABC industsry.”

“I have been to Italy, Spain, Germany, France, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Japan….”

“My best friend has a luxurious boat. I went to a party on that boat and met Leonardo DiCaprio there.”

When you hear “I”, “me” and “my” too frequently in this person’s statements like that, you know this individual needs to use external validation in order to feel confident AND this person is thinking about themselves all the time!

  • Red Flag 3: This person has negative things to say about their ex.

On the first date, it’s okay to mention a previous relationship in the past. However, it’s not good if this person becomes bitter when they talk about their ex because that means they are not over their past relationship… yet.

The way they think about their ex implies how they will think about you in the future.

Please don’t ignore the above-mentioned red flags on the first date!

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