How to tell if someone is your soulmate
15 August 2022, 15:08
  • Soulmate Sign 1: You can’t even explain why you like this person.

If you can logically explain why you want to be with someone, chances are you don’t really have the chemistry – that’s why you have to use logic to justify why you are dating someone, e.g., this person has a decent job; this person has a university degree; this person has a fancy car….

Sadly, if chemistry isn’t there, you can’t manufacture it later on!

But if you feel tremendous chemistry while dating someone, that usually means your body is telling you this is the right person. Please trust your body’s wisdom. ????

  • Soulmate Sign 2: You feel absolutely safe when you share your insecurities with the person you are dating.

If you are worried about your height/your weight/your age/… but you don’t want to share your insecurities with the person you’re dating, that means you don’t feel safe in front of this person.

The reason you don’t feel safe when it comes to sharing your insecurities with this person is because fundamentally, you know this person might judge you, treat you badly or leave you if they find out what your insecurities are.

In contrast, when you feel totally safe in terms of sharing your insecurities with the person you are dating, that means you know this person is always on your side. You feel looked after by this person; you don’t feel looked down upon by this person.

  • Soulmate Sign 3: The emotional connection between you two is more paramount than mutual benefits in this relationship.

Many couples stay together because of mutual benefits, e.g., they run a company together / they have children / etc.

If the emotional connection in your relationship is much stronger than mutual benefits, that means you are with your soulmate because your love is authentic.

When all of these 3 signs are combined, you know you’ve found your soulmate.

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