Looking for a soulmate... But...do you have a soul?
15 August 2022, 15:04
  • But… do you have a soul?

If your life is on auto-pilot every day and you don’t have a real purpose in life, chances are you don’t even have a soul:

You don’t have career goals, interests and hobbies, hopes and dreams – where is your soul?

You only have a soul when you are truly, madly, deeply passionate about something. This can be a rewarding job that you genuinely love, a fascinating author that you absolutely admire or a fun activity that you must do every week.

A person who has a soul brings passion to everything they do.

  • You can only find your soulmate when you actually have a soul.

Let’s say you love music – you might meet your soulmate at a concert. Or perhaps you like fitness – you may meet your soulmate in a yoga class at the gym.

In other words, when you have a soul, you are very likely to meet your soulmate while doing the group version of the activity that you enjoy doing.

Also, because you have a soul, you are an interesting person who naturally attracts people around you. You become a people magnet; therefore, you have options in your love life. Please note that when you choose one out of one option, it’s usually a lousy choice; however, when you choose one out of many options, it’s more likely to be a great choice. That is to say, in dating and relationships, in order to find quality, quantity matters!

Remember to nurture your soul in this journey. ????

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